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Start an ITN in your community

Independent Transportation Network® is an original worth copying

The Power of a National Network

Just as Independent Transportation Network ® (ITN) unites older people with their communities, ITNAmerica unites communities across the country.

ITNAmerica works with organizations and individuals to help develop dignified and sustainable transportation in communities across the country. We welcome your interest, and hope you will consider the benefits of having an ITN affiliate in your local area. To learn more about starting your own affiliate, click here.

The Power of Technology

Our proprietary ITNRides™ software system enables us to leverage our expertise and to simplify operations for all our affiliates.

It connects every ITN affiliate community into one effective centralized national network that manages the logistics of the senior transportation service, including member and volunteer management and ride scheduling.

All ITN affiliates access the software through an internet connection and store their information at our secure data center. The collected data is used for a variety of purposes; including helping social researchers better understand senior mobility and its effects on society. ITN technology provides everything needed to deliver logistical efficiency to a very complex problem.

ITN is quickly linking cities and citizens across the country and that's just the beginning. Soon, ITN will grow beyond the cities and suburbs to the small towns and rural communities where the unmet need is so great. Our goal is to provide the expertise, tools and state-of-the-art technology that will allow small organizations to serve more and more people without additional resources or funds. We call this project ITNEverywhere